• tour enterprise comprehensive innovation for the ...

    Based on the green economy industry, the development, production and sales of bio fermentation technology is engaged in the development, production and marketing of biological fermentation technology. Annual output of 100000 tons of...

    2015-04-21 09:13:00
  • Kai Cheung biology and the joint research and de...

    June 17, 2015, Kai Cheung biology and the Jiangnan University in Shandong Kai Cheung bio chemical Limited by Share Ltd, set up a joint R & D center. This marks a new step in the field of biological research.

    2015-06-18 11:12:00
  • The EU for sodium gluconate China made final...

    On August 11, 2009, the EU anti-dumping investigation on the origin of Chinese of sodium gluconate; May 4, 2010, the EU made sure that the case of preliminary, October 28, 2010, the EU originating in China of sodium glucona...

    2015-07-26 11:04:00
  • Company to participate in the development of st...

    In 2012, the national standard setting work of the national standard for organic acid classification of biological fermentation process, the plan number is 20111574-T-469. Enterprises to participate in the development of the sodium g...

    2015-04-10 10:57:00
  • Shandong Kai Cheung bio chemical Co., Ltd. t...

    On April 8, 2011, the sodium gluconate industry standard "by the State Ministry of industry approved project, China Light Industry Federation, the National Food Industry Standardization Technical Committee SAC/TC64 centr...

    2015-10-26 17:00:54
  • Companies to participate in the development of ...

    2015-10-26 17:25:18
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